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Vi-shift Glasses™ Are Remarkable Polarized Glasses Available Without Prescription That Help You Block And Reduce Glare From Various Surfaces Like Water, Snow, And Roadways.

These Glasses Are Designed To Help Improve Your Visibility While Driving And In Daily Life Harm-free.  

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What is VI Shift Glasses?

The VI-shift glasses are prescription-free multi-purpose eyeglasses with inbuilt polarized lenses to enhance vision sharpness. People have various tasks to perform like reading their best novel, writing a letter to a friend, and more.

They wear corrective lenses to adjust focus and get a clear vision of what they are doing. They can be corrective lenses or contacts, but their prescription has to be renewed every year so you can maintain immaculate vision using these tools.

People end up spending more to adjust even the slightest focus every year. These eyeglasses are built with polarized lenses and allow you to adjust focus on your fingertips. There is a dial on the frame that assists people set the focus to meet their needs.

Furthermore, these glasses have polarized lenses that block UV rays and reduce glare of sun, TV and other surfaces. Eyeglasses are also very sensitive. If you sit on them inattentively, the lenses could break. Also, the fingers on these glasses cause scratches reducing the clarity of the lenses.

The VI-shift glasses are way safer, more reliable, and sturdy eyeglasses that can withstand various changes. Adjust the zoom as per your demands and do multiple tasks just with one glass.

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VI Shift Glasses Reviews

I cannot express enough how much they've improved my daily life. As someone whose vision fluctuates throughout the day, these glasses have been a game-changer.

Natasha B.

Natasha B.

Very comfortable and stylish. The level of clarity I can achieve with a simple adjustment is astonishing. They've made everything from reading fine print to enjoying distant landscapes a breeze.

Isaac D.

Isaac D.

I used to juggle between different pairs of glasses for different tasks, so finding these adjustable glasses has been a revelation. Adjusting the focus with just a simple tweak means I no longer need to switch glasses throughout the day.

Ken P.

Ken P.

"Amazing!! My husband needs different specs for distance and near and yet another for working on plumbing and electrical projects and yet another for playing the piano. These work amazing, he can adjust them to what he is doing."

Daniel J.

Daniel J.

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How Do These Glasses Work?

These eyeglasses come in trendy shapes and sturdy materials. The frame of these glasses features a dial. The dial helps people shift focus and adjust the zoom as per their demands. You can magnify as per your requirements without a prescription.

Many times both eyes have different focus and vision. These eyeglasses are very expensive and a slight difference can cause serious harm to your vision. Therefore, it features dials on both sides to meet the user’s requirements.

Set the dial accordingly to adjust focus and improve vision. It works with polarised lenses that block unwanted glare and harmful rays. You can even wear these eyeglasses while driving for enhanced clarity on the road.

Features Of VI Shift Glasses

Let’s look at some of its more advanced and technical features which have made this device a popular one among the users.

  • Polarized Glasses

    You can also say anti-glare glasses. These glasses are premium and used in expensive eyeglasses. The manufacturer has also used these polarized glasses to improve their quality and build trust among consumers.

    Most eyeglasses can frustrate you because of reflection from outdoor or indoor surfaces. You do not need to worry about this thing here. 
  • Metal Alloy Frame

    The frame features metal alloy friendly for human skin and improved comfort. The specs are lightweight and compact even with metal alloy providing you enough comfort. Furthermore, they increase the sturdiness to withstand various changes and fall on the ground. 
  • Soft Nose Pads

    People find it hard to find a good and comfortable pair of glasses. The specs keep falling from their nose and do not provide good support. Worry not! The VI-shift glasses come with adjustable nose pads to provide maximum support for the person wearing them. 
  • Scratch-resistant Finish

    The lenses of this product are more reliable and trustworthy. They are anti-reflective, polarized, and scratch-resistant. Do not worry about touching it with your fingers. These lenses withstand various harms caused by surfaces to keep your money safe. 

4 Reasons to Buy This Device

  1. 3 Adjustable Cooling Modes

    Standard, moderate, and intense chilling modes are available in this unique gadget that fits in a very small space and provides chills in the air in a couple of seconds. The gadget works like an AC providing you a compelling control over it. 

    Choose from these settings and enjoy a chilled, moist, and pure environment with your loved ones. Bring your friends and family members because it doesn’t make any sounds. 
  2. Plug it and Enjoy

    The Polar Air Cooler is a handy and small device that occupies a very small space in your room but works the same as your air conditioner. The point is you do not need to call a technician for the installation of this handy device.

    The device is already constructed well. Put it out of the box and plug the power cable into the standard power outlet. Now, enjoy a comfortable and chill environment in a few minutes.
  3. Portable and Compact Device

    Air conditions are not designed to travel room-in-room, but our Portable Air Cooler is. It is portable and handy. It is so lightweight that a kid can also lift it using his arms. Also, it is one of the most compact gadgets offering you reliability and good support over a long period.
  4. Built-in Air Filter

    Breathe in a clean and moist environment with this handy device. Do not let the air disturb your immune system because it carries allergens and other chemicals that may harm your health. The built-in air filter helps your body against these allergens and chemicals by trapping them. Chill in healthy and fresh air with this unique cooling device. Add this accessory to level up your comfort.

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30 days money back guarantee

30 Days 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

The VI Shift Glasses will be available for you to test out for 30-day. You can apply for our FULL refund if you are among the 0.1% who are not satisfied. Consider this a trial run in case things don't go your way. It camera may work. If it doesn't, you can ask for your money back.

Benefits Of VI Shift Glasses

  1. Multi-functional Eyeglasses

    Multi-functional glasses are often hard to find, and even out of budget due to the various tasks, they can perform. You can cook, read, drive, exercise, watch TV, do your desk job, play games, and do a lot more just with one glass.

    These glasses do it all with one frame because you can adjust the focus using the dials provided on both sides of the frame. Turn the dial clockwise and anti-clockwise to uplift your vision and overcome the challenge.
  2. Prescription-free

    People spend a fancy amount on prescription glasses. Still, they end up with a slight difference in their focus after some period or in a year. What’s the best option to save money from such an expense? The Vi-shift glasses save thousands and are customizable focus-control eyeglasses.

    They don’t ask for prescriptions and offer a broad-diopter range to meet everyone’s requirements. Now, experience crystal clarity with these glasses.
  3. Near and Far-sightedness

    Some people have near-sightedness issues, and some people have far-sightedness. Some people suffer from both near and far-sightedness at the same time. These are even common cases. It’s all because of our social addiction. Social addiction is to keep browsing the internet and scrolling through it.

    These eyeglasses are a solution to both near and far-sightedness. They offer customizable focus control by twisting the dials as per the demands. You don’t need prescriptions when you are buying these eyeglasses.
  4. Reliable and Comfortable

    The material lenses are of high quality and human-friendly and withstand various problems like falling on the ground, sitting on it, and more. Furthermore, it features a metal alloy frame that offers optimal support while wearing it and is even more comfortable.

    These are comfortable, reliable, and one of the best eyeglasses you can ever buy. Get these premium glasses, and most of your spending will be less. Zoom in and out by twisting the dial, adjusting the focus, and getting clear vision.
  5. Polarized Lenses for Frustration-free Vision

    Sunlight rays and reflection from various surfaces are always frustrating. Every person can relate to this issue. It is even way common among people who wear glasses. That’s a quite big issue. When you ask the optometrist to add one more shade that can reduce glare, the amount can be more surprising.

    These glasses come with polarized lenses. They are anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, and durable. They provide frustration-free vision and reduce glare from all surfaces for improved clarity.
Instructions to Adjust Vision

✅ Ensure you can see clearly, if not then again twist the dial to set optimal vision.
✅ Carry out different tasks without buying separate glasses for them.
✅ Adjust the lenses by twisting the dials on the frame.
✅ Now, stand a few meters away to test your vision.
✅ Enjoy your surroundings with no more problems.
✅ Twist the dial as per the demands. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vi-Shift Glasses are eyeglasses with lenses that allow the wearer to adjust the focus or prescription. They are designed to provide a customizable vision solution for reading, computer work, or distance viewing without the need for multiple pairs of glasses.

These glasses work by using either sliding lenses that change the lens power or fluid-filled lenses where the prescription is adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of fluid in the lenses. This adjustment alters the curvature of the lens, thus changing the focal length and allowing for clearer vision at different distances.

To care for your Vi-Shift Glasses, clean them regularly with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives. Store them in a protective case when not in use to prevent scratches and damage. Do not expose them to extreme temperatures or moisture.

Vi-Shift Glasses may not be suitable for driving, especially if they do not correct astigmatism or provide the level of precision required for safe driving. It's best to consult with an optometrist to determine if your Vi-Shift Glasses meet the legal requirements for driving in your area.

It is available through For a limited time, we offer three discounted packages: Basic Glasses - $49.

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